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Like the living room, some people hardly sit down in their formal dining room. This should be a place where friends and family gather for a relaxing time. There should be a moratorium on arguments in the dining room, otherwise family members will eat too fast just to be done with the experience.

The kitchen is referred to as the heart of the home. The vibrations in this room are important in the way that food is prepared and the residual affect. Yet it is not considered the most important part of the house since only an hour or less is spent there on a daily basis. Sometimes the location of a kitchen in a house can determine which family members will argue the most or if the whole house is vulnerable to a variety of mishaps.

Generally, the kitchen is NOT the first room you want to see when you enter your house.
  • Kitchen and dining room should not have bright and shining interiors as this increases stress.
  • Kitchen should have proper light.
  • Kitchen and dining room should not have excess stuff.
  • If possible use a wooden top on dining table instead of glass top. If you have a lot of work pressure, maybe it's the marble table that you have in your dinning room that causes you to have those problems. Remove that marble table and change to a wooden one or alternatively live with that work pressure!
  • Dining room should have a quiet environment.
  • In your kitchen, ensure that opposite your stove there is no refrigerator, washing machine, washbasin and toilet. The fire and water crash causing family members to have disagreements.

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