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Looking for the perfect wardrobe for your loft space?

If you are facing a lack of storage as it’s often a persistent issue in every home. From clothes to luggage, your storage never seems to be enough. That’s why those who are blessed with plenty of square feet can opt for walk-in wardrobes.

But most of us don’t have the luxury of space and therefore we need modular wardrobes with lofts to swallow our excesses. Wardrobe lofts are a perfect solution for lesser-used items like suitcases, old clothes, new clothes, spare quilts, boots, gift items and a hoard of unidentifiable items. This space tucks neatly above the wardrobe and cleverly hides away items that you don’t want to see often.

Here’s our pick of loft wardrobes with designs that are not only trending but are so seamless in design that you’ll be wondering where the wardrobe ends and the loft begins.



The biggest challenge arises when you have to position away things that you don’t use too much. A bulky quilt, suitcases, winter clothes absorbs lot of area and there’s no place to fit them all. Here’s a brilliant solution that will cater to all your needs with this stylish and functional loft wardrobe, we can accommodate almost anything. The slightly elongated loft shutters are wide and tall enough to swallow even the burliest of suitcases. More free space and no storage nightmares. With a loft wardrobe, you don’t have to break a sweat. With ample storage space, you can put away items that are of no use regularly. Since it’s put away safely, you don’t have to cramp your room with extra trunks or boxes. More free space and no storage nightmares.


Parth Kitchen itself supports his customers with wide range of customization options with our expert guidance. Please check with our experts during site visit. Loft wardrobes are now not available in run of the mill designs. Custom wardrobes give you the potential to design the style without any limitations. Create unique piece that complements your form and function necessities. You can choose for handle free lofts with touch and pop functions. This will allow a seamless design flow throughout your room.

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