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Why Parth Kitchen?

Get your kitchen done as per “Vastu”.

Wide range of modular kitchens on display including German Kitchen(Hafele) Customised kitchen to suit every client’s requirement quick installation services.

5 Year warranty segments for complete kitchen range.

3-D Kitchen design services.

Do you offer a home measurement service?

Yes, we currently do offer a home measurement service. For more information or to book a home measure, please contact.

What is the buying process of Parth Kitchens?

It is a wonderful experience to buy a kitchen of your own choice, size and color. You can simply visit our store, touch and feel the existing display of products and accessories, give your preference to the kitchen designer (at our store) and our designer will have a series of questions to know you better and to understand your needs.

All your feedback during designing the kitchen will be constructively worked upon and a final layout plan of the design will be presented to you. Post your approvals on the design and finalization of the accessories and budget, we take care of all post sale processes till the final installation at your home. You could then enjoy the kitchen of your dreams.

Do you charge for designing a kitchen?

We charge a 500 to 1000 rupees for designing your kitchen. Firstly, our expert designer will visit your home to take the required measurements. Post this, the designs are made based on initial briefing of the client; then a designer dedicated to your kitchen will design, cost and plan your ideal kitchen. However, this cost is adjustable in the total cost of the kitchen once you choose the final design and order.

What is the total time of getting a modular kitchen delivered?

Modular Kitchen Work consists of the site visit, physical measurements, designing, discussion, finalisation, ordering for manufacturing, dispatch and then finally installation at your home. Normally this process takes one month to get complete kitchen work from parth kitchen..

Gloss finish of kitchen shutter & Conceal Handle is new age kitchen’s symbol.Wide Spectrum of color, design, texture, material and concepts. These Parameters keep changing with time and new developments are a constant feature in all aspects of the kitchen. Even the trends are varied as per the culture, use and personal choice.

Handle-less doors, soft closing drawers, top open-able glass doors, built-in appliances are the new trend. To give a classic look, we can use the solid wood finish shutters. Contemporary, modern, classic.

What about Hob, Chimney, Sink and other appliances?

3C(Cooking-Cooling-Cleaning).principle should keep in mind while planning kitchen Layout.Appliances in a Modular kitchen are as important as the kitchen itself! Sinks are the most important accessories and no kitchen is complete without a sink.

You can buy any accessory from any reputed brand, but just take care to share this information with the designer before designing the kitchen, so it’s very easy to accommodate it in the design process. Same rule applies for all other accessories. Refrigerator is used for cooling zone & Hob, Cook top, Chimney are used for Cooking zone.

What kinds of shutters are provided by Parth Kitchens?

We provide shutters of various materials, few ofare ply, solid wood, Acrylic, etc. It can also be mixed and matched as per your tastes. Materials like aluminum & glass are also used to break the monotony as well as to enhance the usability of the kitchen.

How many colors and design options are available with Parth Kitchens?

The colors are available in laminate, membrane, paint and acrylic finishes. The shutters are again made in various design finishes, like 4 side edge banding, post form, routed, mesh, aluminum profile with glass, etc.

With the help of these huge options, we can make an unlimited number of combinations, which suits your budgets, interiors, tastes and personality.

What are the pre-requisites for installing modular kitchen?

As soon as your walls and floor are furnished, you will have to contact Us to discuss your requirements. Based on the dimensions of your kitchen, they will provide you the quotes with suitable options. Modular kitchen can still be installed on renovating an existing ordinary kitchen.

In a modular kitchen,what is the most preferred kitchen layout?
  • Subject to the space available
  • A one strip or straight Kitchen
  • Parallel Kitchen
  • L-shaped Kitchen
  • Island layout can be put in. (The island acts as a buffet table, a countertop for keeping utensils and a chopping area, it can sometimes be an obstruction as it eats up space) . We also offer other innovative design – the movable island countertop. The islands come in the form of tables and have wheels at their base. )
What are the maintenance requirements of a modular kitchen?

Modular kitchens are easy to maintain. Based to the design and material used, necessary care needs to be taken and a dew common practices will ensure the long life and beauty of you modular kitchen.

Few tips are:

  • Clean the shutter with a soft dry cloth, moisten it while cleaning worktop & tiles
  • Clean the shutters immediately for any spillage of food items
  • Regularly check the drawer and shutter movement. In case of an unusual noise or obstruction in the movement, please call our Customer Care Service
  • Always keep the sink area dry and clean. In case of any oil residues, use a soft cloth with mild detergent and lukewarm water
  • Do not scrub any of the surfaces with a sharp object as it can damage their finish
  • Do not lean over or hang onto the open shutters & drawers
  • Do not overload the cabinets or store over-sized objects

You can call our customer care executive for any further help and guidance.

How to register complaints or requests?

All Parth products come under a standard warranty and carry warranty documents. In case of any difficulties or problems please email your complaints at, Or Call at our head office at: (+91) – 9870987166 ; Email:

How can the corner space be utilized in case of L shaped or C shaped kitchens?

Corner space can be best utilized by keeping LPG cylinder/ s and having an opening for the same using Movable Trolly. In case of direct pipe connection or cylinder being kept in other area, there are many corner units available such as-

  • Corousals/ Magic Corner
  • Swing Tray/ Twin Corner/ Leeman’s Tray
  • Magic Corner
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