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If you are planning to redesign your kid’s bedroom, then don’t miss Parth Kitchens's fantastic ideas for kid’s bedroom which will fit in your budget, styles and designs

A kid’s room is a lot more than just an area to sleep, it is a bedroom for a little boy or girl as their own personal space which they love and feels magical, where they feel safe and happy and complete their school homework too. When deciding and thinking on a color scheme for kids’ bedrooms is a good start, but ask your kid for furniture color and wall color too if they have any preferences. As kids love pink or red or green or blue or yellow, finalizing with kids will help them feel comfortable and a connection to the space and could make it more unique for them.

If wallpaper is your or your kid’s choice, decide whether this may cover every wall or on one wall. Wallpaper may be a trickier alternative than paint, as themed designs may not always be the flavor of the month in future years, so they may want to be updated surprisingly frequently. Carpets are the suitable desire for a young kid’s bedroom, as they may provide cushioning for infants or little ones if they fall. Go for a shade or pattern with the intention to conceal stains. In later years, wood-effect laminates are an awesome choice and are reasonable at cost and smooth to clean.

Once you are free from wall color, wallpaper and carpets, the final one is the bed for the kid. Based on your kid’s bedroom we must calculate how much plenty space you need and how it will function as your kid grows up. We can design beds, desks and storage which are exceptional in a compact space. For older kids, loft-style beds are super and have room for a study space below. Plenty of space will be available for a separate desk, we have adjustable versions which will be beneficial when kids are raised and gets bigger.


Neutral finishes consisting of natural wood, white painted wood or metal and metallics are sensible selections because they will go together with almost any color scheme if the room is later updated. Every time you can change the color of the room but no need to change the bed or furniture. Wardrobe storages are must in the kid’s bedroom as garments; multiple toys etc will be stored. Storage for bookcases is another important option for kids where their favorite books will be close to their hands easily.

Parth Kitchen bedrooms designs are extremely popular with kids and leave a long-lasting impact on everyone who walks into the kid’s bedroom. Also, these designs are very photogenic and will attract as stunning beautiful childhood memories for your family photo album. Our experts at Parth Kitchen can help you design a bed and a wardrobe in your kid’s bedroom, which are not fashionable, stylish and modern, but also pocket friendly.

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