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Latest Modular Kitchen Designs & Service in Mumbai

modular kitchen designs

Modular Kitchen Designs

In today’s modern lifestyle, it has become a famous choice for modular kitchens, nowadays as it’s the best and well organized with systematic kitchen designs. In Mumbai, the concept of modular kitchen designs and services is in demand and had been on the rise since 2022. Parth Kitchen is one of the best-selling modular kitchen designs and services based in Mumbai since 1998 and along with modular kitchen designing, we also design wardrobes, bedrooms etc for modern homes.

The kitchen is not just an area for cooking anymore. It has grown as a favorite spot for gathering as it enhances every other room inside a residence. So nowadays it’s more important to equip a kitchen with complimentary walls, user-friendly designs, individual drawers and contrasting color schemes.

There are a few latest trending modular kitchen designs in 2022 and they are U Shaped Modular Kitchen Designs, L Shaped Modular Kitchen, Parallel Kitchen Design, Island Modular Kitchen Design, Stainless Steel Kitchen, Matte Theme Kitchen with Quartz and Tropical Kitchen.

Modular Kitchen Designs

A really perfect preference for those individuals who need enough space within the kitchen and like to have a layout design that doesn’t match the living area design it’s called U Shaped Modular Kitchen Designs and it also gives short access to the dining area. Residences that have enough space also can include an island table at the centre to make their appearance look elegant. In India, many educated families prefer to have breakfast, lunch and dinner together at a dining table.

In India, house owners always have top priority for L Shaped Modular Kitchen Designs which is most connected and combined beautifully together, as a customer can easily separate the cooking and washing space as per their requirements. Besides, assembling the unique accessories and home appliances in the kitchen will become much easier and simple.

The L-shaped kitchen allows multiple people to cook and work in the kitchen at the same time. It has enough space for shelves, drawers and large cupboards for quick and easy storage of groceries and other items.

The perfect modular kitchen best suited for small spaces is Parallel kitchen designs. It is a gallery kind of kitchen layout because the ground is permitted to be empty. The ground space in the kitchen serves as an imperative walkway.

Modular Parallel kitchen designs make systematic use of walls & partitions that reaches the top of the ceiling. The kitchens are perfect for house owners who want an outlet inside the kitchen in a door or window.

Island Modular Kitchen Design features a counter space in the kitchen. Homeowners can select to fit any counter space they love too. It’s an excellent alternative to the dining hall for small house owners. Considering the looks, it adds more value to the overall aesthetics of the best-selling modular kitchen of 2021 with the assistance of multiple lighting elements. Just cook in the kitchen and serve on the kitchen dining table and enjoy.

Stainless steel modular kitchens are mostly used in Indian kitchens, especially in Indian restaurants and pantries as they are user-friendly, easy maintenance, flexible, easy to clean and corrosion-free. Major storage compartments are fixed or mounted on the walls and it’s durable and eco-friendly.

In the year 2021, Matte theme kitchen with Quartz was one of the most trending best-selling modular kitchens among real estate developers and new apartment owners. It gives a classy look with a matte finish on the surface of the kitchens. Multiple variation colors like black, white and grey are used with the type of kitchen designs to match the living area to give it more appealing.

People who love nature always go for a tropical modular kitchen design in India, as it gives a laid-back atmosphere in the house. One of the maximum important things about the tropical interior is the traditional design and ornamental carvings on the wood comprising tropical plants or flora.

Such tropical modular kitchen designs are ideally suited for vacation homes, second homes and seaside homes. Various lighting elements are used in the tropical kitchen design to make the ambiance look great.

In India, Modular kitchen designs have become an absolute must in all 21st century new and old homes. Parth Kitchen is known as the best modular kitchen in Mumbai as they provide modular kitchens for every budget & space and customized modular kitchen designs that can fit in any huge or small area of homes

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